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Mykonos, Greece


Mykonos Town


Elia Beach

Jackie O’ Beach Club




Blu Blu


BONUS: you could see the water from both restaurants

Flora Super Markets

Flashback to June:

There is so much that can be said about Mykonos, but some aspects stand out a lot more than others. The island is breathtaking and makes for the easiest and most stunning photos imaginable! And these were just cell phone pictures!

Let me start by telling you about our fantastic AirBNB host. Not to take away from other hosts, but he was the best of our entire trip. If you are planning on going to Mykonos and want a suggestion for the best host in the entire Airbnb world, let me know and I will give you his info. Seriously, reviews don’t lie and he has 63 5-star reviews on my unit alone. He was helpful from the beginning to end.

MAJOR BONUS: He left us a welcome gift of bread, cheese, and wine! Talk about a way of immediately getting us to love him.

I could go on and on about this part of our trip for ages, but there is so much more to talk about.

Day 1:

We woke up early and excited to explore, so we decided to hit Mykonos town first thing in the morning. My biggest recommendation is to spend some time getting lost wandering the streets and checking out the cute shops before heading somewhere for a light lunch of hummus, feta, and a glass of sparkling white wine (or two or three…whatever). Afterwards, we hit a grocery store and lounged by the pool for the afternoon before going out to the famous Jackie O’ Beach Club for a couple of drinks to end the night.

Day 2:

We spent the day sailing on a boat tour that went to Rhenia and included a guided tour to Delos. I found the tour on which ended up being a source for a lot of our adventures throughout our two week European trip.There are so many things to do in Mykonos, but the sailing trip was the highlight for us and included all of our favorite things – water, an open bar, and an amazing lunch with pasta, bread, olives, and other great snacks! [pics or it didn’t happen, right? But not when you are busy enjoying yourselves.] Don’t worry, our package included shuttle service from our Airbnb, so we were good to go to enjoy the freely flowing white wine when we weren’t busy getting our snorkel on.

Day 3:

Our third day, we did lots of island exploration! Let me tell ya, getting around was pretty scary, but it was totally worth it! A lot of the roads that weren’t right near Mykonos town were dirt or gravel and very narrow and curvy. Luckily, we survived this experience thanks to my skilled driver and boyfriend, Jason!

We did some beach hopping and Elia Beach was our favorite. We went for the bed hire (which is Mykonos for chair rental) and had a perfect spot right on the water. We spent the afternoon swimming and ordering tropical drinks. Talk about a fantastic way to spend our last full day!

Day 4:

After four nights, it was time to leave and go to the next stop on our trip! We got our ferry tickets in advance online through Sea & Sky, so a quick trip to their office near the port was all we needed to get our printed tickets. We picked those up the day before while we were out exploring, so we just had to show up at the port, meet the guy who was picking up our rental car, and then board the ferry once it was ready.

Next stop: Athens!

Some tips for your trip to Mykonos:

  • A rental car is a must if you want to explore the island; however you should feel really comfortable with driving in some pretty insane conditions. A lot of the roads are gravel and dirt and very narrow.
  • You can download areas on Google maps to use on your phone even when you are offline. This was a life saver in a lot of areas where we had poor mobile data speeds.
  • Most banks charge international fees to use your debit cards, but not credit cards. Check out your policies to make sure you aren’t spending more than necessary when you swipe!
  • Go to the grocery store for fruit, alcohol, mixes etc. One liter of water is only around 1E!
  • Enjoy yourself! Take your time and lounge when you want and go, go, go when you want! If you are on a long trip, treat it like a marathon instead of a sprint. Especially if you are going to multiple destinations.

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