15 Photos to Inspire Your Trip to Athens

View of the city  from the Acropolis Slopes

Temple of Athena Nike and the Parthenon were our Acropolis favorites

But take your time on the way up the slopes because there are plenty of other amazing pieces of history to check out.

The Acropolis Museum is a must see.

Check out the Temple of Olympian Zeus and get your multi-site ticket there to save a ton of time when you go to the Acropolis.

There is more to Athens than just the historical sites. Stay in the Plaka neighborhood and do some roaming.

Enjoy the culinary side of Athens too!

Check out this 2 day Athens Travel Guide that dives into some of the best tips for making the most out of your time in this historical city: .https://unbottledjeanne.com/2018/12/05/athens-unbottled-jeannes-travels/

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