23 Photos to Inspire Your Trip to Rome

Planning a trip to Rome and want some motivation? View this photo gallery to see what we saw during our 5 day visit.

If you are there on a Sunday, check out the Porta Portese Market in Trastevere. It is the largest market in Rome and has a little bit of everything. Spend some time roaming around and getting lost. You won’t regret it!

Check off a bucket list item and go see the Colosseum. It will take your breath away.

Then check off another bucket list and go to Vatican City. The different museums, halls, and works of art are awe-inspiring. Pictures could never do St. Peter’s Basilica any justice at all. And aren’t allowed in the Sistine Chapel. Not that they would do it justice either.

Eat all of the breakfast pastries and lattes!

Do some neighborhood roaming and take in the views of the historical buildings. If you stay in a residential neighborhood like Trastevere, you will get to see a peak of Roman daily life. 

Eat all of the Italian food your heart desires. We sure did and the weight we gained was absolutely worth it. Pizza, pasta, pastries, gelato. You name it, we ate it!

After you have eaten all of the Italian food imaginable, it is possible to crave something else, believe it or not. If that happens to you, hope on over to Luppolo Station for some more western style food and beer. 

If you want to see some tips and a deep dive into our 5 day Roman holiday, check out my post here: https://unbottledjeanne.com/2018/12/15/rome-unbottled-jeannes-travels/

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